What is a Rollator?

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What is a Rollator and what is the best one to suit your needs?

Rollators are wheeled walkers that are used to help people who have stability issues. Rollators are easier to use than walkers as they don’t need to be lifted. Likewise, they also come with seats that allow the user to take an occassional rest.

Rollators are preferred by those who are still able to remain mobile but do require a little more assistance. Some also prefer rollators to walkers and canes as they don’t look that out of place in today’s society.Best Rollator Reviews
What to Look for in a Rollator
Rollators, like all most consumer products, come in a variety of designs and models. It is important not to be blind sighted by appealing designs and cheap prices. Sure, these are vital in making any decision but above all else, the best rollator walker will need to have adequate functionality and durability. Otherwise, it might not last long or provide you the satisfaction you desire. Here are some of the things you should consider when picking one out.

Large Wheels
It is easy and effortless to push the rollator around when you have larger wheels. Large wheels are less likely to be interfered with by cracks or imperfections in the pavement. You will be better able to take a rollator off the pavement if it has good size wheels. Over 6″ in diameter is ideal.

Sufficient Weight Limit/Capacity
This rollator specification is very important as it dictates how strong a load it can carry. Prior to purchasing, you should ensure that the rollator is able to carry your weight and also factor in a few extra pounds for gear you potentially bring along with you. The Rollator is a piece of equipment that you rely on particularly when you are unblanced so it is essential that one you use will safely handle your weight.

Rollators with 4 wheels are known to be more stable than those with 3 wheels. Likewise, 4-wheel rollators are able to accommodate a rollator seat. This is a really neat add-on that allows users to rest when needed.

Narrow Width
By choosing a rollator with a narrow width, you are able to access more places. Tight corridors and doorways shouldn’t be a problem if you measure them beforehand.

Storage Equipment
Whether it is a Velcro pouch, a storage basket, hand bag, strap bag or what not, it pays to have one in your rollator. This helps keep important things close at hand while also keeping them organized and out of sight. For best results, choose detachable storage equipment so that you can replace or remove as needed.

Adjustable Handle Height
Fixed height rollator handles are a thing of the past. These days, customization is in and what better way to portray that than with adjustable handles. With adjustable heights, one can set it at a comfortable level to avoid any spinal issues.

Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator with Fold-Up Removable Back Support

One of the most poular Rollators avalable in 2 colors Blue and Red


Blue Drive Rollator review
Drive Rollator walker Seat

  • The Drive Rollator is designed with  seamless padded seat a zippered pouch underneath the seat for added privacy and security.
  • Removable and hinged comfortable padded backrest which can be folded down if not required.
  • Ergonomically designed handles which are easy to grip and are adjustable according to your height
  • The easy-to-use deluxe loop locks and Brakes provide a firm hold.
  • Adjustable handle Height: 33-38″
  • Generous seat Dimensions: 12″(D) x 14″(W) x 23″(H);
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Comes with new seamless padded seat, Zippered pouch under seat for added privacy and security of personal items
  • The Wheels are 7.5″ in diameter – Black non-marring tires are ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Drive Medical is a renowned international distributor of top-of-the-line medical equipment. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the company has also come up with a rollator. Rollators are great in aiding therapy and can also help augment a person’s stability to prevent long-term issues. This standard functionality coupled with the company’s goals and amazing product research makes for one of the best rollator walkers in the market.

• Adjustable handle height and angle – with a lever conveniently located at the handles, you are able to manipulate its angle as well as its height. The height ranges from 31 to 37 inches.

• 4-wheel variant – rollators with 4 wheels are sturdier than those with 3. While they are a bit larger, they are also able to support larger weights. Plus, it is also able to support a rollator seat.

• Proven bestseller – nothing says “best rollator walker” better than landing the top spot in said category. Listed on Amazon under the Rollators & Walkers category, the Drive Medical Durable 4 Wheel Rollator with 7.5″ Casters proudly takes the #1 spot with a whopping 1800 reviews and an astounding 90% 4+5 star rating.

• Large caster wheels – measuring 7.5 inches, these wheels help the user traverse any terrain with ease. Both indoor and outdoor terrains are accommodated. The casters are also non-marring which means that they don’t leave any marks on the surfaces it is used on.

• Comfortable seat – the padded seat helps one recover energy when tired from a journey. Coupled with the padded backrest, one is sure to be refreshed in no time. The backrest can be folded up and also be removed should the user prefer none.

• Lightweight and portable – the rollator can be easily folded for storage or travel purposes. Since it weighs only 20 lbs, it isn’t that difficult to carry around.

• Storage – just below the seat, there’s a nifty basket you can use to store all your personal items

• Loop locks – the loop lock brake is an efficient mechanism used to keep the rollator in place. By pressing down on the lock, the unit is held in place securely

• Weight Capacity – 300 pounds
• Product Weight – 20 pounds
• Warranty – Limited lifetime
• Width – 23.5 inches
• Length – 25.5 inches

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