Rollator vs. Walker

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What are the Benefits of a Rollator compared to Walker?

Which style is best for you the Rollator or the Walker?

A rollator is a mobility device that functions similarly to a walker. Walkers provide excellent support because they stay firmly on the ground and require you to lift them every time you move.

Rollators, on the other hand, have wheels and can simply be pushed when one wants to move around. Rollators are becoming more and more popular as they look more appealing and offer more functionality than walkers or canes.

Hugo Elite Rollator Walker
A rollator with back rest is perfect for those who are recovering from injuries or suffer conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, COPD and the like. With the help of this device, people who have mobility problems are able to remain active and able.


Rollator with a back rest is a really good idea. Why?

  • Added support – while sitting, it’s always nice to have added support. This gives you a more secure and comfortable disposition while you are trying to regain your energy.
  • Spinal health – not many people take good care of their spine. Unknown to most, the spine has numerous functions that affect the rest of the body. First, it is the one that provides strength and works as support for the entire body. Second, it is responsible for the movement of our head and neck as well as allows us to bend, stretch and rotate our body.
  • By using a rollator with a back rest, it gives you the opportunity to take a rest and pt in tip-top condition thanks to the ergonomics employed by it in conjunction with the rollator seat.

That said, when you are picking out a rollator with back rest, be sure to check for the following.

  • Adjustable height – the height of the seat helps improve one’s comfort and so does the height of the back rest too. By doing so, you are ensuring that you have sufficient lumbar support for when you are sitting down. Not only does it feel more comfortable but it also passively benefits our spine.Natural curve – the rollator back rest should have a design that complements the natural curve of our spine. This helps lessen the risk of sustaining injuries and strains from continued use.
  • Seat material – the amount of padding should be at a level that satisfies you. Likewise, soft materials, like cloth fabric, are preferable to hard materials, like plastic, as they are more relaxing to sit on.

Hugo Elite Rollator Walker with Seat, Backrest and Saddle Bag

Hugo Mobility is a product line of Hugo Anywhere, a subsidiary of AMG Medical Inc. The company is a renowned provider of health products and service and has been operating for over 30 years. Specializing in mobility, daily living needs, health professionals and home health management, AMG Medical has a reputation for providing excellent service and designing quality products. That is exactly what is brought to us by the Hugo Elite Rollator Walker.

Hugo Rollator

Features of The Specifications Hugo Elite Rollator Walker with Seat

  • Weight capacity – 300 pounds or 136 kilograms
  • Product weight – 23.6 pounds or 10.7 kilograms
  • Wheel size – 8 inches
  • Wheel variant – 4-wheel

Rollator Adjustable
Blue Drive Rollator

Benefits of the Hugo Elite Rollator Walker

  • Easy Setup – the rollator can be setup and taken down without the need for any tools. When it is folded, you can fit it into a load of places as it is portable and lightweight. It also doesn’t take much space in your closet or your car.
  • Hand Brakes – if you feel the need to sit to regain your energy, hand brakes are in place to help you keep the rollator in place. That way, you won’t have to worry about being brushed aside by passers-by or stopping on uneven terrain. The hand brakes are also designed to require as little force as possible. This makes it easy to lock and unlock the brakes no matter how weak the user is.
  • Storage Bag – a stylish storage bag is conveniently located below the seat. One can store all valuables or important items such as medication, extra clothes, glasses and the like in the under-seat bag. With this, all your necessities are kept close at hand.
  • 8-inch wheels – nothing says stability than big wheels. The large wheels make it easy to traverse both indoor and outdoor terrains. Users have reported that the device is very easy to manoeuvre over cracked pavements, bumps and rocky terrain.
  • Doubles as wheelchair – if one chooses to use it as such, it can also act as a wheelchair. By not locking the brakes, one can sit on the rollator comfortably while someone pushes the entire thing.
  • Back rest – the back rest, like the seat, is padded making it comfortable to recline on. The presence of the back rest prevents the user from tipping over the other side and also adds back support when one is lounging on the seat.
  • Overall, the Hugo Elite is a fascinating rollator with back rest. Its many features and sturdy design makes it an easy choice for people looking to improve their mobility.


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