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Best Rollator Transport Chair For 2017

The best Rollator Transport Chair not only improves your mobility, it helps to keep your lifestyle active. Typically a standard walker has rubber coated feet and this provides the stability and sense of security when it is being used. A short walk down a hallway becomes a long trip with multiple stops as you lift […]

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Rollator vs. Walker

What are the Benefits of a Rollator compared to Walker? Which style is best for you the Rollator or the Walker? A rollator is a mobility device that functions similarly to a walker. Walkers provide excellent support because they stay firmly on the ground and require you to lift them every time you move. Rollators, […]

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What is a Rollator?

What is a Rollator and what is the best one to suit your needs? Rollators are wheeled walkers that are used to help people who have stability issues. Rollators are easier to use than walkers as they don’t need to be lifted. Likewise, they also come with seats that allow the user to take an […]

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