Best Rollator Transport Chair For 2017

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The best Rollator Transport Chair not only improves your mobility, it helps to keep your lifestyle active. Typically a standard walker has rubber coated feet and this provides the stability and sense of security when it is being used.

The main issue with a walker is that you lift and place it ahead of you, walk the couple of steps to it and repeat the action over and over until you get to where you are going. A Rollator gets you mobile

Best Rollator walker review

A short walk down a hallway becomes a long trip with multiple stops as you lift and move the walker ahead. While this is still a great way to stay active, a rollator changes the entire concept of walkers with the addition of wheels.

A walker with wheels provides you with the stability you require but does not slow you down as you can support yourself while walking and the wheels keep you moving forward. The short walk down a hallway with a rollator will take no time to complete.

The best rollator transport chair also has hand brakes, a fully adjustable frame, durable wheels to allow you to use it inside your home as well as outdoors, and many have a basket so you carry items from a shopping trip or checking the mail.

Others even feature a padded seat so if you need to take a rest you just flip the seat down, lock the brakes and you instantly have a place to sit and catch your breath.

The best part about this style of walker is that if you were already active, it won’t reduce your level of mobility allowing you to still get around as well as you did before, only with a little extra assistance.

Drive Medical Durable 4 Wheel Rollator with 7.5” Casters


Drive Medical created what is simply the best rollator transport chair on the market. Some of the key features that put it in this category include a sturdy steel frame which makes it durable and safe. It has a basket which not only allows you to carry and store items while using the rollator, it keeps you from trying to maneuver with bags hanging off the handle bars or your arms or shoulders, which could become hazardous.

The non-marring caster wheels measure 7.5-inches and because of their size you can use this walker indoors without fear of marking up floors and you can use it outdoors knowing the size of the casters will provide easy movement regardless of the terrain.


Other features that make this the best rollator transport chair include a removable, hinged and padded backrest as well as a padded seat. These items allow you to go about your business and when you need a rest or choose to stop and enjoy the scenery, you have your very own seat that is not only handy and convenient, and it is also comfortable.

The wheels use deluxe loop locks that are not only easy to use, they will securely hold the chair in place keeping it from rolling or sliding away. There’s also a lever that will provide for handle height adjustment for added comfort as well as allowing you to use the walker without compromising your posture.

Probably one of the best things about this product is that it is extremely lightweight, weighing only 20-pounds. This means it can be folded and transported somewhere for use away from your home in for example, a shopping opportunity, family visit or outdoor activity where your mobility is an important part of the chosen activity.



One more thing that makes this Drive Medical product the best rollator transport chair is the fact that the manufacturer has the confidence to stand behind the quality of this item with a limited lifetime warranty. Most other rollators come with a short-term warranty but a limited lifetime one is significant.

This item measures 23.5-inches wide by 25.5-inches long with a handle height that can adjust between 31 and 37-inches. The seat measures 15-inches wide by 21-inches high by 8.5-inches deep. The manufacturer recommends that this product has a weight capacity of 300-pounds.


Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support

There is no doubt that mobility equals independence. Once you lose your mobility, you begin to lose your independence and end up relying on others for a variety of tasks that you could easily have completed if you could still get around without problem. Drive Medical created the best rollator transport chair with this in mind. When you can move around easily, even after an injury or stroke, you can still be independent.

When you are unable to do something like walk to the corner to pick up your mail, your quality of life is impacted.

Drive Medical designed a rollator that enhances your quality of life by allowing you to move around with ease. The walker they designed uses wheels to get you around and is fully adjustable for a proper fit.

Extras include a basket, seat and backrest to keep you comfortable and capable in doing those simple tasks you once were able to handle without assistance. The creation of the wheeled rollator walker changes the way walkers are used and has given many back their independence.

These are the reasons why we view this specific product as the best rollator transport chair you will find in today’s market and at a price that is affordable and sensible.

It is wise to first consult with a medical professional prior to purchasing any of these devices. The purpose is to determine whether or not this is the proper mobility alternative as determined by a family doctor. There are specific medical conditions that may not be the perfect match for a rollator and your family physician would be the best judge of the situation based on your personal medical history.

Once your doctor gives you the go ahead, be sure to follow their instructions as well as those that come with the best rollator transport chair in order to ensure it is used properly.

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